Cornerstone Paranormal


Cincinnati Paranormal investigators Cornerstone Paranormal is one of the more experienced teams in the region. With a lead investigator having over 13 years experience, and other investigators averaging over 5 years experience each, you won’t find a team that runs around in the dark yelling ghost or demon.

As ghost hunters go, we’re not really that type of team. We investigate fully over the course of several visits and compile data to gain as full a picture as is possible about any paranormal activity that might be going on.

We use canine investigators and their advanced senses, we use common sense, we use several methods and tools all to help us complete the picture of any paranormal, ghost, spirit, demonic or other activity that may be present. Honestly in all these years, we’ve never encountered a demon and don’t believe demons exists in most common investigations and definitely not as often as other teams claim.

Having lived in Cincinnat, Ohio most of our lives, we’ve had the luck to experience Bobby Mackeys, Music Hall, the 20th Century Theater, Taft Museum, The Mansfield Reformatory, The Mansfield Fire Museum, Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Moundsville, Gettysburg, Octagon Hall and so many other famous haunts. We’ve also spoken at over 100 events including Gettysburg’s Phenom, Scarefest and so many others.

Inside The Paranormal radio was a paranormal talk show running live on FM radio and streamed online from Aug 2009 to Aug 2013. At that time, hosts Dave and Teresa decided they wanted to reclaim the time spent prepping and delivering their show and use that time for other investigations and some family time. Thanks to all of our loyal listeners and we invite you to continue to follow our research through Cornerstone Paranormal. You can find us at and also at